Golf tips

Putter Fitting

There are various aspects to consider when fitting for the correct putter. In this article, we will discuss the first critical aspect commonly referred to as toe hang !! Putter fitting is a balance of art and science. It puts

Playing Plugged Bunker Shots

Clubface Square to the Target, Not Open A typical bunker shot would require you to open the clubface while setting up. This is not the case for plugged lies such as this one. Instead, position your club inside your hands

Texas Wedge as an option around the greens

Flexibility in your short game is crucial to help lower golf scores. Having the ability and confidence to play a range of different shots with each club adds another dimension to improving your chances of getting up and down, in

How to Draw the ball every time

A draw is one of the prettiest shots in golf. Yes, a fade might be easier to control, but there’s something about a draw that is just amazing. Anyone who’s played golf at one time or another has tried to

Speed control drills for putting

1. Ladder Drill There is a good reason it is so popular…it just works !! The setup is simple. Choose a putt of at least 15-20 feet that is relatively straight. Uphill or downhill is ok though. The reason for

Build a Conservative Plan

Many golfers choose to use a more-aggressive golf course management strategy simply because it sounds like more fun. After all, who doesn’t want to try for all of the par five greens in two shots, or try to drive the

How to Hit a Golf Ball Below Your Feet

Golf course designers artfully take advantage of the natural terrain to create challenges for golfers of all skill levels. If you play on a course with rolling fairways you can cope with shots off of sloping lies through simple adjustments

How to play fairway bunker shot

Fairway bunkers tend to be one of the most misunderstood type of lies for most amateurs. The old stand-by thought when hitting out of a fairway bunker has been to “pick it clean” where a player tries to catch the

Distance control in putting

With a conventional putting stroke all your feel, touch, and distance control is done with the hand that most instructors tell you to take out of the putting stroke! With the conventional stroke, your trailing hand – the right if