Golf tips

Be a master of your takeaway 

Reconstructing a key component of your swing. How can I be more consistent? Let’s start by reducing unnecessary variables in the swing . There is a huge amount of components that need to be managed within the swing. Besides a

Adding distance to your drives

When you talk about the concept of speed in the golf swing, it’s easy to get confused and frustrated. Many players’ first instinct–to make their hands and arms go as fast as possible right at the ball–leads to things that

Hitting up on the driver for increased distance!

I often conduct this demonstration for my students where I hit back to back shots and attempt to illustrate the value of hitting up on the driver and what it could mean to their tee shots. For good measure I

How to Clean Golf Clubs to Help You Gain More Distance

“A clean golf club is a happy club” Why Should You Clean Your Golf Clubs? How long has it been since you have cleaned your golf clubs? Really cleaned them? Not just the cursory “wipe-off” with your golf towel after