After receiving comments from parents and discussing with the expert advisory board, the following are the changes in the  RULES FOR CADDIE AND PARENTS AT EPGA JUNIOR OPEN SUMMER 2023

  1. Because of the large number of golfer attend, EPGA academy course is quite small, to avoid any affect and incident during the games, The Board of Organizer decided that Parents will not follow their children to the course to cheer.
  2. All flights will have 01 staff member of the Organizing Committee to guide athletes and score tracking, support “care the course”, find the ball ( staff will not participate in professional advice, lining, direction adjustment). At the same time, there will be a level 2 referee on the course to handle golf law situations when athletes need support.
  3. Regulations on caddy for each group:

    – Groups U15, U12: do not use caddies – The purpose is to encourage athletes to manage the game themselves, increase the difficulty of the tournament.

    – Groups U9 and Little Easy: allowed to use caddies (with pre-registration) – because the groups are younger and are new to the game.

Caddy options to accompany (U9 & Little Easy) – Need to register in advance and must commit to comply with the caddy regulations of the tournament.

–  EPGA caddy: 100,000 VND / 9 holes (listed at the price list of EPGA)

– Parents register caddy: Free


4.Rules for caddy in the tournament:

– Follow with the rules of the tournament offered.

– Only applies 1 caddy: 1 athlete for the round.

– Use golf wear, sports shoes when going out on the course.

– Behave and understand local golf rules and R&A rules, in case of need to arbitrate contact the organizers or referees on the course.

– Show up at least 10 minutes before the game time to receive your own caddy shirt from BTC.

– Communicate with appropriate volume, do not raise your voice, or pressure on athletes and affect other players.

–  Do not smoke, have any physical acts, use inappropriate language (swearing, …).

– Do not over push the athletes.

– Rake sand, pull sticks to support athletes in accordance with regulations.

– Athletes will be responsible for improper actions from their caddy.

– Organizer has the right to cancel the result of the player and ask the caddie out of the field if it violates the tournament regulations or behaves inappropriately.