True Spec Club Fitting

The Els Performance Golf Academy has partnered with True Spec Golf to bring you the most advanced club fitting experienceTrue Spec Golf provides a unique custom club fitting solution to optimize your game and improve your swing.

There is no “one” swing among golfers. Like fingerprints, each one is unique to that player and requires precise examination. Our goal at EPGA / True Spec Golf is to see the big picture and get to know you; your history, your goals and your expectations.

We start with your clubs and establish a benchmark for your performance level. Your clubs are blueprinted to check for any inconsistencies in length, loft or lie angles. Then the fun begins. Our master fitters work through various combinations of heads and shafts until it is narrowed down to a select few, a blend of art and science. Trackman data, industry knowledge and your feedback result in your new clubs: your swing DNA created in club form.

Irons and wedges are your scoring clubs, so finding the right combination of heads and shafts is essential to getting you closer to the pin. During your fitting session, we will look at Trackman data to optimize your swing and tighten shot dispersion. Your new irons will perform with the right feel and consistency time after time

True Spec Golf realize the importance of putting the ball in play from the tee. This is why we have an extensive fitting matrix for drivers, fairways and hybrid clubs. These options enable us to fine tune the right combination of heads and shafts for your game. Never fear the long ball again.

A love or hate relationship can occur with a putter. Our goal is to create a long lasting one for you. We begin with an analysis of your current set up and putting stroke with Sam PuttLab Technology, from there we can determine the right balance, weight, length and lie so you can roll the ball consistently every time.



Full Bag Fitting w/ Putter Fitting $450

Full Bag Fitting $350

Woods Fitting (Driver, Fairway, Hybrid), 2 hours $200

Iron & Wedge Fitting, 1.5 hours $200

Driver Fitting $125

Iron Fitting $125

Wedge Fitting $125

Putter Fitting $125

Gap Analysis (Loft/Lies & Blueprint), 1 hour $125